Marriage and Divorce, Italian Movie Poster Style

Continuing with the Italian theme, here are some of the best foreign film posters from the Marcello Mastroianni-Sophia Loren romance sagas, Divorce Italian Style (1961) and Marriage Italian Style (1964). (The order is Italian, French, Argentinean, and another Frenchie by Ferracci.)

Movie Poster Smackdown!

Every once in a while, I like to do a poster breakdown á la Posteritati where we compare and contrast the different U.S. and International versions of a past film release. And this time up it’s Two Weeks In September (1967), starring Brigitte Bardot.

Personally, my favorite is the Argentinean version (lower left) with the UK one-sheet (lower right) a close runner-up — but you gotta admire the fearlessness of the Polish version (top, far right) for going totally abstract like those Polish beauties tend to do!


Keeping up with the body parts theme, here’s a nice little spread from Imgur via Cinematical

And More Legs…

Remake Monday: New Banner!

Poster Nirvana recently called me out and said my blog banner and “World’s Most Awesome Movie Posters”-moniker was maybe a little too juvenile and unsophisticated for my content…and frankly he’s right.

So today, I officially unveil a brand-new spankin’ banner with a new slogan, “The World’s Most Awesome Museum of Movie Posters” — or, MoMP, for short (you know, like MoMA for movie posters). Okay, I admit it’s not a huge change, but Meansheets is all about the baby steps. I even wanted to buy the domain, but the Mid-Ohio Medical Physics group already beat me to the punch. Anyway, hope y’all enjoy the redecorating. And stay most awesome!

Out with the old…

…In with the new!

Poster Crush: EatBrie!

EatBrie, the humble home of Thierry Brame’s movie poster collection, is a feast for the eyes. The modest Brame will tell you that his bounty is no big deal, but don’t believe a word of it! Rumored to have the world’s largest stash of Spielberg one-sheets (aside from Mr. Spielberg, I’m sure), Brame’s website breaks down his posters into an easy searchable database by Actors/Actresses, Director, Genre, Country of Origin, Release Date — and, my personal favorite, Last 100 Purchases, where he shows off his most recent mouth-watering buys.

So if you have an insatiable appetite for movie posters, dig into EatBrie — and join his All Poster Forum!