Engaging Apatow…

With this weekend’s Five Year Engagement, it looks like Judd Apatow’s eight year winning streak at the box office will continue as the prolific comedy director-producer of raunch’n’romance has been the life of the party ever since 2004’s Anchorman…(ImpAwards)

The Muppets Meet Marshall!

The Muppets are coming back for Thanksgiving with a new movie from the Forgetting Sarah Marshall guy, Jason Segel — who, if you recall in the film, performed a funny/touching song by his character who was purportedly writing a Dracula puppet musical.

Below is the new teaser poster, along with some vintage one-sheets by Drew Struzan from the 1979 Muppet movie…plus the Dracula song clip!

Forgetting Ashton Kutcher

WARNING: Do NOT ask Mila Kunis anymore about Ashton Kutcher because that is sooooooo 70’s show.

extracting ashton