The Girl Premieres…

HBO Films is all about The Girl this weekend — so try not to think about that other Hopkins Hitchcock movie…

Hopkins Does Hitchcock!

The new trailer for Anthony Hopkins‘s Hitchcock slashed through the Internets yesterday — as the picture focuses on the making of Psycho (while HBO’s The Girl is all about The Birds). Plus, we also got our first look at Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh.


Like Hitchcock, Jacques Tati wasn’t afraid to insert himself into his movies as his Monsieur Hulot character/profile was finely cultivated and featured prominently in many of these alternative versions of posters from various countries.

Here’s a more detailed poster comparison for Trafic (of course, not to be confused with Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic).

The Re-Envisioner

I came across these handsome “re-envisioned” posters of old Hitchcock and Stephen King movies on WP by young graphic designer, Laz Marquez, who’s also busy at work on more current movie print ad campaigns.