Hopkins Does Hitchcock!

The new trailer for Anthony Hopkins‘s Hitchcock slashed through the Internets yesterday — as the picture focuses on the making of Psycho (while HBO’s The Girl is all about The Birds). Plus, we also got our first look at Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh.

The Stalker of Suspense?

There’s a new Hitchcock biopic (not to be confused with the other Anthony Hopkins-Hitchcock flick) coming out in October by HBO called The Girl, starring Toby Jones as Sir Alfred — and it covers The Master of Suspense’s scary obsession with female lead, Tippi Hedren (played by Sienna Miller), during filming of The Birds and Marnie.


Anthony Hopkins (pictured right) is slated to become Alfred Hitchcock (aka Hop-Kock!) in an upcoming biopic on The Master of Suspense. Hopefully, the one-sheet won’t go to The Birds and will be as mysteriously elegant as vintage French-Cock.