Pool Posters!

Now that summer’s in full swing…everybody into the pool! (IMP)

Bertrand, baby!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t dig up any biographical info on this French artist who goes by the name, Bertrand (not related to Yann Arthus-Bertrand or Bertrand Blier) — but his or her posters are definitely worth more than a thousand words…(Intemporel)

Nirvana Goes Deep

This past weekend, rock music fans were in a deep state of Nirvana (not to be confused with the one-sheet rockin’ PosterNirvana), celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nevermind.

The famous swimming baby on the album cover reminded me of another similar underwater-themed movie poster, starring a legend in her own era, Jane Russell.

Foxy Fire!

Firefox or Foxfire? It’s time for another Movie Poster Smackdown! Of course, my favorite French poster of the 1955 Jane Russell-Jeff Chandler film easily blows away the USA one-sheets with Angelina Jolie and Jessica Tandy and is by none other than (yawn) Boris Grinsson.