Bertrand, baby!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t dig up any biographical info on this French artist who goes by the name, Bertrand (not related to Yann Arthus-Bertrand or Bertrand Blier) — but his or her posters are definitely worth more than a thousand words…(Intemporel)


And two more interior design movie posters…The tantalizing Love In The Afternoon (by Saul Bass) and the French version of The L-Shaped Room (Georges Kerfyser).

The Bassmaster (1920-1996)

On Tyler Stout’s website, I came across a clip of a documentary with design legend, Saul Bass. The man’s name and work are so iconic, it was interesting to see what the real person had to say.

Saul Bass, The Scorsese of Movie Poster Designers

If you’ve never heard of Saul Bass, you’ve probably seen his work somewhere — on a poster, at the gas station, or even your local phone company…

But what he’s most famous for is opening title sequences