X’ed Out!

Yahoo! has publicly ripped the new X-Men posters as “amateurish”. To me, it looks like Saul Bass meets “The Floating Heads“…You be the judge!

Also included in the Yahoo! spanking is a link to Oddee’s Worst Movie Posters Ever, which takes potshots at such legendary poster artists as Larry Salk (Superman 3) and Richard Amsel (Up The Sandbox).

Super Salk!

Although not as well-known or, quite frankly, important as Jonas Salk, his polio-fighting namesake, Larry Salk (1936-2004) (no relation) made his own profound impact on the world of key art. He got his start in fashion illustration and then quickly evolved into the world of movie poster work, where he designed over 165 one sheets for various film studios and distributors.

But, ironically, what Salk is probably going to be most remembered for is his infamous oil portrait of Kramer from an episode of the 90’s hit TV show, Seinfeld.