A Little Pick Me Up…

Excuse me for a bit of shameless self-promoting, but last weekend, your very own Meansheets was named one of The Guardian‘s Internet Picks of the Week. So look out, Yahoo, vintage movie posters are trending now!

Remake Monday: New Banner!

Poster Nirvana recently called me out and said my blog banner and “World’s Most Awesome Movie Posters”-moniker was maybe a little too juvenile and unsophisticated for my content…and frankly he’s right.

So today, I officially unveil a brand-new spankin’ banner with a new slogan, “The World’s Most Awesome Museum of Movie Posters” — or, MoMP, for short (you know, like MoMA for movie posters). Okay, I admit it’s not a huge change, but Meansheets is all about the baby steps. I even wanted to buy the Momp.com domain, but the Mid-Ohio Medical Physics group already beat me to the punch. Anyway, hope y’all enjoy the redecorating. And stay most awesome!

Out with the old…

…In with the new!