Remake Monday: New Banner!

Poster Nirvana recently called me out and said my blog banner and “World’s Most Awesome Movie Posters”-moniker was maybe a little too juvenile and unsophisticated for my content…and frankly he’s right.

So today, I officially unveil a brand-new spankin’ banner with a new slogan, “The World’s Most Awesome Museum of Movie Posters” — or, MoMP, for short (you know, like MoMA for movie posters). Okay, I admit it’s not a huge change, but Meansheets is all about the baby steps. I even wanted to buy the domain, but the Mid-Ohio Medical Physics group already beat me to the punch. Anyway, hope y’all enjoy the redecorating. And stay most awesome!

Out with the old…

…In with the new!

Buried Treasure!

Speaking of real estate, the MoPo forum had a fascinating story last week about a man who discovered a whole treasure trove of vintage movie posters in his attic!