Return of The Mad Men

In a world gone Mad, Jack Davis & Co. had a reunion to talk about the good ol’ crazy days of Mad Magazine. “The usual gang of idiots”, as the writers/illustrators called themselves, have been humoring and horrifying readers with their colorful and off-color comic spoofs since 1952.

Keep On Druckin!

Along with Jack Davis and Jack Rickard, Mort Drucker came from The Mad Magazine School of Art. Drucker’s cartoony style and celebrity caricatures have made him one of the “funniest” illustrators in the history of the movie/comics business!

Mad About Jack Rickard (1922-1983)

Jack Rickard may not have been as well-known as Jack Davis at MAD Magazine, but he was just as important to the wise-cracking weekly. No famous movie star or TV personality got away from the wrath of his wicked pen…