USA Movie Poster Artists…

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coming to america movie poster drew struzanback-to-the-futuree.t. the extra terrestrial movie poster john alvin

Drew Struzan                    Drew Struzan 2                John Alvin

vertigo2the man with the golden arm poster saul bass

Saul Bass                                    Saul Bass 2       Saul Bass & Elaine Bass

magnum force movie poster bill gold1 magnum force movie poster bill gold2 breakfast at tiffany's poster

Bill Gold                             Bill Gold 2                          Robert McGinnis

my_fair_ladymodesty blaise

Bob Peak                                            Bob Peak 2

indiana amsel2heaven can wait

Richard Amsel                                      Birney Lettick

battlestar_galacticacleopatra movie poster terpningthe taking of pelham one two three poster mort kunstler2

Robert Tanenbaum           Howard Terpning               Mort Künstler

bad news bears origamerican graffitirickard_pink_panther63

Jack Davis                         Mort Drucker                   Jack Rickard


Tom Jung                                            Hildebrandt Brothers


Frank Frazetta                  Renato Casaro                  Boris Vallejo

strange brewking_kong 76great_escape

John Solie                         John Berkey                 Frank McCarthy

Attackofthe50ftwomandr. no uk

Reynold Brown                        Mitchell Hooks

next_stop_greenwich glaserno way out rand1dr_strangelove

Milton Glaser                       Paul Rand                     Tomi Ungerer

ziegfeld_folliesgrapes benton2along came jones

Alberto Vargas                Thomas Hart Benton         Norman Rockwell

the_prince_and_the_showgirl movie poster richard avedonday at the races

Richard Avedon                                 Al Hirschfeld

downhill racerrosemarys babyGuyPeellaert_RobertDeNiro_TaxiDriver

Steve Frankfurt                   Philip Gips                       Guy Peellaert

astounding she monster poster albert kallischinatown pearsall movie posterfiddler_on_the_roof

Albert Kallis          Jim Pearsall                  Ted Coconis


Paul Crifo                          Rudy Obrero                    Ron Lesser

stakeoutmoonraker_ver4 poster dan gouzeeused cars movie poster usa

Steven Chorney                 Dan Gouzee                     Huyssen & Huerta

hot_dog_the_moviemeatballs movie posteranimal house poster

Phil Roberts                      Morgan Kane                    Rick Meyerowitz


Mick McGinty                                      Robert Grossman

1941 movie poster david mcmackenfingers movie poster wilson mcleanempire strikes back 10th noble

David McMacken              Wilson McLean                  Larry Noble

travels with my auntsuperman 3 movie poster larry salkup in smoke
Peter Palombi                     Larry Salk                       Scakisbrick

your friends & neighborsspecial_great_gatsby patrick nagel posterspecial_laurel_and_hardy_art_print_NZ00410_L

Alex Katz                           Nagel                             Elaine Hanelock

Return of The Mad Men

In a world gone Mad, Jack Davis & Co. had a reunion to talk about the good ol’ crazy days of Mad Magazine. “The usual gang of idiots”, as the writers/illustrators called themselves, have been humoring and horrifying readers with their colorful and off-color comic spoofs since 1952.

RIP: Blake Edwards

Legendary comedy director (and the husband of Mary Poppins), Blake Edwards, passed away this morning at the age of 88, but left us with plenty to laugh about…

Keep On Druckin!

Along with Jack Davis and Jack Rickard, Mort Drucker came from The Mad Magazine School of Art. Drucker’s cartoony style and celebrity caricatures have made him one of the “funniest” illustrators in the history of the movie/comics business!

Mad About Jack Rickard (1922-1983)

Jack Rickard may not have been as well-known as Jack Davis at MAD Magazine, but he was just as important to the wise-cracking weekly. No famous movie star or TV personality got away from the wrath of his wicked pen…


Phil Roberts is yet another contemporary artist who draws in that humorous Jack Davis style. In fact, he not only draws like him — he actually did the poster for The Bad News Bears remake in 2005. But what’s interesting is that he also happens to be a very well known surf artist, too!

Rick Meyerowitz

Yesterday, I mentioned the comedic movie poster stylings of Jack Davis — and today here’s Rick Meyerowitz, another incredibly prolific illustrator who worked at National Lampoon (where he did the infamous Animal House one-sheet) and later with Maira Kalman of The NY Times.


Jack Davis is like the Jerry Lewis of illustrators. What a ham! From Alfred E. Neuman’s MAD Magazine to countless TV Guide covers, his comedic, caricaturesque style has inspired and influenced (i.e., been ripped off by) legions of cartoonists. His parodies will likely be parodied forever!