Beverly Hills Shop!

If you are anywhere near the 90210 this weekend and have a few extra grand to blow on vintage movie posters, then you might want to blow it at The Heritage Auction Galleries on November 12-13 where they are hosting one of their yearly Live Signature auctions.

Although the prices are too rich for my blood, they feature some most amazing images from the early 20th Century and beyond…

Rat Pack Posters!

In honor of the upcoming movie poster book launch of The Rat Pack by Reel Art Press, I thought I’d feature a trio of International versions of the Vegas hustlers. (The Italian version of Ocean’s 11 is by Jean Mascii, left.)

Saul Bass, The Scorsese of Movie Poster Designers

If you’ve never heard of Saul Bass, you’ve probably seen his work somewhere — on a poster, at the gas station, or even your local phone company…

But what he’s most famous for is opening title sequences