Franco Sinatra?

We’ve seen “French” Frank Sinatra — so how ’bout these Italian beauties of Ol’ Blue Eyes? Art by Sandro Symeoni (top) and Ercole Brini (bottom). (EMP)

italian_2p_come_blow_your_horn_JC03700_Litalian_1p_come_blow__your_horn symeonimarriage on the rocks sinatra italian poster ercole brini

Movie Posters Separated At Birth…

Frank Sinatra’s The Detective tries to make a clean Getaway with this poster ripoff…or vice versa (since Le Detective did come out four years prior, although it could be a reissue)!

Rat Pack Posters!

In honor of the upcoming movie poster book launch of The Rat Pack by Reel Art Press, I thought I’d feature a trio of International versions of the Vegas hustlers. (The Italian version of Ocean’s 11 is by Jean Mascii, left.)

Remake Monday: Manchurian Candidates

Sinatra (1962) vs. Denzel (2004).

French Sinatra

Our good friend, Boris Grinsson, checks in yet again with a coupla Frank Sinatra classics…