Prohibition Is Prohibited.

I didn’t get a chance to see all of the new Ken Burns PBS doc, Prohibition — but what I did see definitely quenched my thirst as Hollywood’s favorite mobster, Al Capone, played a huge role…

Throw Capone A Bone!

To finish off mob week, I figured we should go right to the top dog by featuring cinema’s most notorious gangster, Al Capone.

Several biopics have tried to capture the killer Capone, but I would pick out DeNiro’s performance in The Untouchables and Boris Grinsson’s French affiches of Rod Steiger as the best in the lineup — even though John Solie’s one-sheets of Ben Gazzara do make him look like a pretty badass version of the 1920’s kingpin…even if he is wearing spats!

Can’t Touch This!

Here’s my award for The Most Dissimilar Movies With The Most Similar Movie Titles…Les Touchables, a 1968 UK release, which appears to be a Valley of the Dolls-style ripoff (the French poster was drawn by Boris Grinsson that you can buy here) and, of course, the 1987 Brian DePalma gangster pic, The Untouchables, that made Kevin Costner a star…

Bugsy & Hooch!

No, this is not a sequel to the Tom Hanks dog buddy comedy. I’m talking movies about Prohibition! I finally got around to seeing Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and started getting a little nostalgic about some other gangster/moonshiney movie posters of yore…

But if you literally want to get into the Prohibitive spirits, check out the Speakeasy Ales brewery in San Francisco. And The Atlantic also recently published an article about Hipster Moonshine.

Wow, after all this liquor talk, I need a drink!