Sophia Bardot!

Vanity Fair has taken time out from covering the Oscar flavors of the month in their Hollywood Issue to profile the 77-year-old bombshells, Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren –– two strong-willed women who went onto live productive lives far from the bright lights of Hollywood.

If you want to check out the rest of these legendary ladies’ beautiful one-sheets, be sure to check out Eatbrie’s impressive collection (scroll down the left side). (EMoviePoster)

Bocce Balls of Joy!

Okay, I’m ripping off the “Bocce balls!” line from Splash — but there’s nothing that gets me more pumped for the weekend than big, bright, bouncy, colorful balls…on movie posters!

Marriage and Divorce, Italian Movie Poster Style

Continuing with the Italian theme, here are some of the best foreign film posters from the Marcello Mastroianni-Sophia Loren romance sagas, Divorce Italian Style (1961) and Marriage Italian Style (1964). (The order is Italian, French, Argentinean, and another Frenchie by Ferracci.)