Thanks A Lot!

Meansheets thanks you for visiting the site and wishes all you movie poster turkeys a Happy Thanksgiving — with some help from one of my holiday favorites, Planes Trains and Automobiles

F-BOMB WARNING BELOW : Hey, but who doesn’t throw an F-bomb when you’re traveling for the holidays?

SPOILER ENDING BELOW: If you haven’t since this film by now (since it was originally released in 1987), I figure the statute of limitations gets me off the hook.

Brain Drain

Here’s your brain…on movie posters! Come to think of it, how come most brain-driven movies are horror/sci-fi stories (with the exception of Steve Martin’s brilliant comedy, The Man With Two Brains)? Aren’t big brains a good thing? We should be celebrating the mind — not running away in terror from them!


Just picked up Steve Martin’s new fiction novel set in the 1990’s New York City art world, An Object of Beauty — and it seems to read a lot better than his recent chat at The 92nd Y. Apparently, the crowd there was expecting an appearance from “The Wild and Crazy Guy”, not a serious art talk.

Although I’m only a hundred pages in, the famous comedian/art collector obviously knows his way around an art museum as the book features some interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits about Sotheby’s and the other major auction houses as well as cameos from various high-profile contemporary art gallery owners like Robert Miller and Larry Gagosian. And I’m sure many of the same dirty dealer tricks mentioned in the book have occurred in the movie poster business, too, albeit on a much less grander scale.

The Lonely Girl?

Didja ever see Steve Martin’s 80’s flick, The Lonely Guy? Sounds like Jennifer Aniston wants to do a remake-over.

lonely good girl