McCarthyism Is Good

No, no, not Joseph McCarthy and the Hollywood blacklist! I’m talkin’ Frank McCarthy (1924-2002), the longtime illustrator whose career spanned over 50 years, doing magazine covers and paperbacks (Avon, Bantam, Dell) and brought us the high-octane one-sheets for The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape (Paul Crifo did the International version), and many more, including split-duties with Robert McGinnis on the James Bond posters for Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.

Mr. McCarthy quit commercial work in 1974 and, like many of the other greatest poster artists of his generation, such as John Solie, Howard Terpning, and Robert Tanenbaum, moved to Arizona to focus his talents on Western art.

Crifo Madness

If you’re in the 90210, you should check out this exhibit of sweet old-school movie posters by Paul Crifo at the AMPAS