Tree of Malick…

The new French poster for Terence Malick’s To The Wonder has a lot of life in it…(IMP)

the-tree-of-life-posterthe-tree-of-life-french movie-posterto_the_wonder_ver4


Do movie posters have a foot fetish?

Inception-ing the Tree of Life

Two recent movies that I wanted to love — but, honestly, didn’t quite totally understand (although the visuals were stunning) were Inception and The Tree of Life. Luckily, my cognitive limitations didn’t prevent me from enjoying their maze-terful movie posters/marketing campaigns!

Best and Worst Movie Posters?

Yahoo just came out with their list of the Best and Worst Movie Posters for the upcoming summer movie season. And though I don’t agree with some of their choices (in either category) — I did like this set of international travel posters for Cars 2.