Bysouth, You’ve Got It!

In case you were too busy with the holidays and missed the excellent long-form interview with UK movie poster artist, Brian Bysouth, by Eddie Shannon of FilmOnPaper, check it out HERE!

BrianBysouth_withoriginalTheLivingDaylightssketcha view to a kill vposter vic fair brian bysouth48Hrs_onesheet_UK-1

Gambit’s Gamble…

The new Coen Bros remake of Gambit makes a bold Bond move by going old school with their latest one-sheet…(IMP)

Golden Gate Bridge Poster Bash!

This weekend marks the 75th Anniversary of the great Golden Gate Bridge — so here’s a movie poster tribute to one of America’s most beautiful landmarks. That said, the glorious International Orange-painted bridge has dealt with its share of troubled waters over the years as 11 men were killed during its original construction — and it was also reported to be America’s #1 suicide destination in The New Yorker, which also inspired the compelling, but controversial documentary, The Bridge.

Regardless of its tragic history though, this iconic monument of early 20th Century manpower is still a stunner — happy birthday, Golden Gate!