Gambit’s Gamble…

The new Coen Bros remake of Gambit makes a bold Bond move by going old school with their latest one-sheet…(IMP)

Runnin’ the Gambits!

The characters posters for the new Coen Brothers movie, Gambit, are out — but will their adaptation stand up to the Michael Caine original (the French Grande poster on the right is by Boris Grinsson)? (IMP)

Great Gambit!

With word that CBS Films was gambling on a remake of the original Michael CaineShirley MacLaine heist flick, Gambit (with Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz taking over the roles), I couldn’t help but flash back to Boris Grinsson’s extraordinary French Grande (left) and the original US one-sheet…

MacLaine Reigns!

When most cinephiles visualize Shirley MacLaine, they tend to think of the strong, feisty, older Terms of Endearment-Maclaine — but back in the day, she used to be quite a hot number (as many of these 60s French posters by Boris Grinsson & Co. will back me on that)! And no doubt her sassy personality helped open the door for her hunky little bro, Warren Beatty!