Cool Cats!

The new Spanish-language Will Ferrell film, Casa Mi Padre, reminds me of this old Burt Reynolds classic hombre flick. (ImpAwards)

Omni Consumer Products Presents


Speaking of product placement, get your Christmas shopping done early this year at Omni Consumer Products Corporation

Happy Holidays from your friends at Anchorman and Idiocracy!

Funny Poster Maker Spoof

Check out this Movie Poster Designer Spoof featuring The Art of the Floating Heads Movie Poster – compliments of PosterWire. (Sorry, but the embed doesn’t work on WordPress.)

It’s funnier than that Will Ferrell Swearing Baby video!

Movie Poster Floating Heads

Hollywood Roasted


I just so happened to be working on a Beverly Hills Cop and Lawrence of Arabia spoofs when these babies came in from The Hollywood Roaster