Star Trek Reaches Its Peak?

Call me nostalgic, but I still prefer the 80s Star Trek posters by Bob Peak (top row) over these fancy, blurry, newfangled jobs! (IMP)


Bob Peak Back In Fashion?

Masters of Fashion Illustration, a new art book by fashion maven, David Downton (no relation to Downton Abbey), profiles some of the greatest fashion illustrators of the 20th Century — including a chapter dedicated to legendary poster artist, Bob Peak, who first penciled his beautiful lines for many high-profile fashion mags and commercial print ads.

Drive Hard!

Ryan Gosling appears to be doing his best Steve McQueen in this weekend’s high-testosterone octane release, Drive.

Btw, here’s a few other scenic drives, including the classic Taxi Driver one-sheet, which features the graphic stylings of Guy Peellaert)…

Twisted Fates?

Here’s two sketchy one-sheets from 1960s design studs, Bob Peak and Paul Crifo, respectively, that will make you see red…

Worst Spoofs Ever?

The point of most movie spoofs is to parody a film that is ripe for parodying…but what happens when the spoofs look even stupider than the original films? Check out these unfortunate Meatballs and Rollerball wannabes!

Peak Show

And the Oscar goes to…Bob Peak (1927-1992)!

That’s right, the fourth floor gallery at AMPAS (i.e., The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) in Beverly Hills, CA is having an exhibition now until mid-April of the greatest one-sheets drawn by the 1960’s and 70’s poster king. So if you’re not impressed by this year’s nominees, you will certainly find a few winners from Mr. Peak’s best pictures.

Solid Gold!

Bill Gold Advertising is undoubtedly one of the most successful poster design companies in the history of the movie business. This New Yorker was chiefly known for his productive relationships with Bob Peak and Clint Eastwood, with whom he worked with for over 30 years of his movies.

Speaking of Clint, there’s an excellent book out now called Clint Eastwood Icon: The Essential Film Art Collection

Bob Peak, Movie Poster Artist Legend

apocalypsemy fair ladysuperman

Meet Bob Peak, the man who is at the pinnacle of movie poster design and decorated theatre marquees throughout the ’60s and ’70s and introduced cinema lovers to everything from Apocalypse Now to Star Trek to My Fair Lady to Superman. That’s called range!