Animals In Da House!

Animal House movie poster illustrator, Rick Meyerowitz, has just come out with a new book called Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead that recalls the 1970’s glory days of National Lampoon when the magazine was actually funny…

…and before the brand lampooned itself by making cheesy, not funny comedies and committing stock fraud.


I recently had a delightful day attending the Maira Kalman exhibit at The CJM to launch her new book, Various Illuminations of A Crazy World.

Kalman, whose colorful illustrations have brightened both The New York Times (via her amazing And The Pursuit of Happiness blog) and The New Yorker covers for years, has never done a movie poster before (I don’t think!). However, she has collaborated with Animal House pal, Rick Meyerowitz, on several projects, including the famed Newyorkistan cover below (left), which cleverly spoofed Saul Steinberg’s legendary 1976 “View of the World” (right).

Not that she needs the work — but here’s hoping that Wes Anderson or some quirky indie film snaps her up soon to do their next print campaign!

Rick Meyerowitz

Yesterday, I mentioned the comedic movie poster stylings of Jack Davis — and today here’s Rick Meyerowitz, another incredibly prolific illustrator who worked at National Lampoon (where he did the infamous Animal House one-sheet) and later with Maira Kalman of The NY Times.