kramer.jpg dribbleglass.comIn honor of last night’s Seinfeld episode on Curb Your Enthusiasm (via Dribbleglass)…

Roman’s Holiday?

polanskiEverybody has an opinion regarding Roman Polanski’s recent arrest.

Whether you think he’s guilty or innocent, I highly recommend the excellent HBO documentary about the case. It was like the OJ Simpson case of its day with sex, drugs, and a Lance Ito-ish media whore judge.

Go Team!

a-team 2010

The A-Team gets a makeover starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, UFC star “Rampage” Jackson, and Jessica Biel.

Must-See TV Posters

The Hollywood Reporter has a nice rundown of the 2009 TV fall season’s new print ads with grades and everything…

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The Bitches Are Back


And you thought network TV was out of fresh, original ideas…? The WB’s praying that Ashlee Simpson is a better actor than her big sister!