Vintage French Kids…

From Boris Grinsson and Clement Hurel come these charming childrens designs…

Pure Peur!

Pure Grinsson

Last Girls of Summer!

Tomorrow is officially the last day of summer — so enjoy the sunshine while it lasts (if it hasn’t disappeared wherever you’re at already)! (Intemporel)

Kitchen Sink Poster Showcase!

Michel Landi brings you baubles, women, windmills, sumo wrestlers, and guns. Lots and lots of guns.

French Nagel?

Could mid-century French poster artist, Clement Hurel (top left), possibly have inspired 80s fashion maven, Patrick Nagel?

Franco-Italian Poster Smackdown!

Sometimes two different artists from two different countries — Clement Hurel (France) and Sandro Symeoni (Italy) — can come up with remarkably similar-looking posters for entirely different films…(KinoArt)

Kitchen Sink Poster of the Day

Wow, there’s something for everyone in this Belgian beauty — a gunman in a gas mask, street brawlers, kung fu fighters, and a femme fatale fresh from a swim in her negligée…(MoviePosterBid)

Metropolis Ripoff?

Although not on the scale of the recent Metropolis poster scandal, even a mid-century master like French poster artist, Roger Soubie (left), can be inspired by the classics…