Best Book Cover Designs of 2012

Last week, The New York Times showed off its picks for the best book cover designs of 2012 — and if these featured book jackets are any indication, then they must have some great stories to tell…

nyt best book covers of 2012 chris ware seth flame alpabet zadie smith lemony snicket


The Wall Street Journal writes that the same photograph of The San Remo, an apartment building overlooking New York City’s Central Park, was featured on three different book covers.

Wonder if there’s a movie poster equivalent?

The Penguins

Penguin Books is celebrating its 75th Anniversary in the publishing business by releasing a set of 100 postcards of their most memorable book covers and I thought I would include some here since book jackets are like the literary cousins of movie posters.

Long Live JD Salinger

I don’t usually do book covers, but I couldn’t help it with the news of JD Salinger’s death. Like screenwriters who write spec scripts, I guess graphic artists do spec book covers. See if you can tell the “real” The Catcher In The Rye covers above from the “fakes”.

Recently, there was even a proposed sequel and a mock movie poster.