Best Book Cover Designs of 2012

Last week, The New York Times showed off its picks for the best book cover designs of 2012 — and if these featured book jackets are any indication, then they must have some great stories to tell…

nyt best book covers of 2012 chris ware seth flame alpabet zadie smith lemony snicket

A New (Red) Dawn…

Hollywood remakes another 80s classic. The Outsiders? No. Footloose? Been there, done that. Karate Kid? That’s so two years ago.

Make it a code red, baby! They should’ve kept John Alvin’s one-sheet design from the original. (IMP)

AFM’s Best and Worst Posters

The 2012 American Film Market is back with its annual list of the best and worst b-movie posters seeking distribution…

Flirting With Disasters!

Prior to director David O. Russell’s Oscar nom this week for The Fighter, the former Flirting With Disaster filmmaker was tragically becoming known more for fighting with Lily Tomlin than making films. But with the passage of time comes wisdom…so who says we all can’t learn something from such disasters?