Today’s Movie Poster Artists…

Click on the name or movie poster to learn more about each artist’s most famous posters…

empire strikes back poster alamo drafthouse mondo olly mossmondo alamo drafthouse avengers black widow olly moss poster

Olly Moss                                      Olly Moss Black Widow

savages chris wareuncle-boonmee-chris-ware-poster

Chris Ware                                    Chris Ware 2

ghost world postermelvin goes to dinner2

Dan Clowes                                 Adrian Tomine

giant rolling roadshow 2011 poster jason munnfunny games poster

Jason Munn                                   Akiko Stehrenberger    1494-warriors_09

Tyler Stout

013011TimDoyleApocalypseNowMoviePostereasy rider poster castro david o'daniel

Tim Doyle                                  David O’Daniel

Best Book Cover Designs of 2012

Last week, The New York Times showed off its picks for the best book cover designs of 2012 — and if these featured book jackets are any indication, then they must have some great stories to tell…

nyt best book covers of 2012 chris ware seth flame alpabet zadie smith lemony snicket

Blown Out

Every artist has suffered rejection — and now Francoise Mouly, art editor of The New Yorker mag, has a book out called Blown Covers that is dedicated to the many interesting, but perhaps too incendiary, potential covers submitted for their vaunted weekly — no doubt supplied by the likes of such high-profile contributors as Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Maira Kalman, and Saul Steinberg.

Chris Ware Poster Ripoff?

Okay, I’m going all out geek on you today. Could Chris Ware’s hot-selling Uncle Boonmee movie poster possibly have been inspired by this Russian Star Wars movie poster from the 1970s? Probably not, but it’s worth a post.

License To Draw

Graphic novels have surged in popularity in the last decade — and not just comic books about superheroes. Arguably, the most inventive artwork of our time is now being done by indie cartoonists/graphic novelists. And they’ve also branched out into movie posters.

Here’s a few of my favorites from Chris Ware (author of Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On Earth), Adrian Tomine, Dan Clowes (Wilson), and the creepy/touching/funny doc featuring one of the genre’s forefathers, Robert Crumb.