Remake Monday: The Things

Howard Hawks (1951) vs. John Carpenter (1982) — with some help from Drew Struzan on the poster.

The Seiniger Rules

Tony Seiniger once led a team called “The New York Yankees of the movie advertising world” and dominated the 80’s with posters for Field of Dreams, Born on the Fourth of July, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles — and employed some of the best posters artists around, including Drew Struzan and Dan Gouzee. But their most famous design was undoubtedly that for Jaws, which featured the shark-art of Roger Kastel.

Also, here’s an interesting website by an ex-Seiniger employee who recounts the 80’s glory days and also some movie poster designs that never saw the light of day…until now.

Indiana Jones: Amsel vs. Struzan

Whose Indy work do you prefer: Richard Amsel’s (top) or Drew Struzan’s (bottom)?

(NOTE: If you zoom in, you can see the artist’s signatures on the bottom lower right of each poster…something I’m sure today’s corporate studio marketing departments would never allow!)

Legend of the Day: Drew Struzan

This guy has created a ton of powerful images with his recognizable drawing style: Indiana Jones, Back To The Future, Coming To America…Stroker Ace — okay, well, he’s not paid to direct. Buy the book or hit up his website!