Mambo Italiano!

In the mood for a little Italian? Then you’ll surely feast on New York Times film critic/vintage movie poster collector Dave Kehr’s “imaginatively-titled” book, Italian Film Posters!

Kehr goes beyond the traditional Italian classics, such as La Dolce Vita and The Bicycle Thief — and features a bowlful of astonishing, lesser-known beauties as well as fills in some nice chunks of history on the notorious BCM Studio (Anselmo Ballester, Alfredo Capitani, and Luigi Martinati), a trio of artists that launched their designs on the early International movie poster industry. And even though the book’s already been out a few years, I’m sure you’ll agree that the images featured inside are timeless.

Also, while you’re at it, don’t forget about Dave Kehr’s other poster books, including The Art of the Modern Movie Poster, Exploitation Movie Posters, and The Independent Movie Poster Book.

Poster Ripoff?

After taking a closer look at The Big Heat poster/cover (illustrated by Anselmo Ballester) of Dave Kehr’s Italian Film Posters, it reminded me of the famous Blade Runner one sheet designed by John Alvin

Deep Sheets!

Every so often you see a creepy, but cool vintage movie poster of a movie that you’ve never heard of before and think…”Wow, what the hell is that? I’ve gotta see it!”

This one’s a 1968 Italian spaghetti western that was originally titled, All’Ultimo Sangue, aka Bury Them Deep.