Franco Spaghetti-O!

He is the man with no first name (at least one that I could find!) and goes by the nom de plume, P. Franco. But what’s more important is that this Italian illustrator mastered the movie poster art of the spaghetti western (no relation, of course, to Franco-American, maker of SpaghettiO’s).

Although Franco’s credits are chock full of Italian B-movie shoot ’em-ups, much like his poster buds, Symeoni and Gasparri — he also drew a few Hollywood classics, such as Dirty Harry and The Seven Year Itch.

Django Was His Name-o!

While Clint Eastwood became the king of the Spaghetti Westerns, there was also another Italian badass by the name of Franco Nero who starred in a bunch of Django movies and was the poster boy for a bunch of really cool Italian posters. Would’ve loved to have seen ol’ Franco and Clint in a shootout!

My personal favorite is the Tempo di Massacro (aka The Brute and the Beast) by Italian artist, Sandro Symeoni (top, middle), but then again, the Django (bottom) by Rodolfo Gasparri ain’t bad either.

Deep Sheets!

Every so often you see a creepy, but cool vintage movie poster of a movie that you’ve never heard of before and think…”Wow, what the hell is that? I’ve gotta see it!”

This one’s a 1968 Italian spaghetti western that was originally titled, All’Ultimo Sangue, aka Bury Them Deep.