Happy Holidays!

Meansheets wishes all you poster appreciators a safe, enjoyable holiday season (not to be confused with the Internationally-known Holiday of APF whose worldly collection of Japanese B1s and B2s is out of this world)!

Ready For Their Chuck Close-Up?

The trendy new Men In Black posters were undoubtedly inspired from old school modernist painter, Chuck Close’s old school methods of Pointillism…(ImpAwards)

And let’s not forget everybody’s all-time favorite pointillist, Georges Seurat.

Nice Bass!

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet…

In honor of the newish highbrow artsy movie book, Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design (written by Pat Kirkham and his daughter, Jennifer Bass, no less) — here’s a smashing tribute video of Bass’s work done by Ian Albinson of the always inspiring/excellent Art of the Title.

The Title Design of Saul Bass from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Thanks A Lot!

Meansheets thanks you for visiting the site and wishes all you movie poster turkeys a Happy Thanksgiving — with some help from one of my holiday favorites, Planes Trains and Automobiles

F-BOMB WARNING BELOW : Hey, but who doesn’t throw an F-bomb when you’re traveling for the holidays?

SPOILER ENDING BELOW: If you haven’t since this film by now (since it was originally released in 1987), I figure the statute of limitations gets me off the hook.

Do It David O’Daniel Style!

Much like his predecessors — and contemporaries — Peter Strausfeld, Olly Moss, and Jason Munn who all supplied their original movie poster visions to the UK’s Academy Cinema and Alamo Drafthouse, respectively — now comes along David O’Daniel and his wonderful limited edition silkscreens for The Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

Twisted Fates?

Here’s two sketchy one-sheets from 1960s design studs, Bob Peak and Paul Crifo, respectively, that will make you see red…

What’s Your Poison?

From Boris Grinsson and Clement Hurel come these two pretty poisonous posters!

Crazy Stupid Movie Posters

Jack Johnson sent in this funny link to a new Funny or Die video featuring Steve Carell’s contractual demands to have the biggest head on all of his film’s movie posters — so CHECK IT OUT!

Olly Moss Comes To America

Dubbed “Poster Boy Wonder”, The New York Times had a nice Sunday write-up on Olly Moss and his new Captain America posters for Alamo Drafthouse.

His Rolling Roadshow Tour posters gathered no moss, so these Cap’n USA sheets will surely sell out quickly (if not already)!