Blown Out

Every artist has suffered rejection — and now Francoise Mouly, art editor of The New Yorker mag, has a book out called Blown Covers that is dedicated to the many interesting, but perhaps too incendiary, potential covers submitted for their vaunted weekly — no doubt supplied by the likes of such high-profile contributors as Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Maira Kalman, and Saul Steinberg.

Breakfast Massacre!

Unlike the movie poster ripoff lawsuits involving Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan and Moscow On The Hudson, the one-sheet for this 1980’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel got by with its humorous Breakfast Club spoof.

The Goon Squad

Move over, Drew Struzan — here comes something a little bloodier. The Goonies + Slap Shot = GOON !

By the way, the artist that did the 1970s Slap Shot poster is Craig Nelson (not Craig T. Nelson of Coach) and he also created John Wayne and The Cowboys — and unfortunately got caught up in the notorious Moscow On The Hudson-Saul Steinberg one-sheet scandal.

A Hunger For Ungerer

This post is not a tribute to the 80’s David Bowie flick, The Hunger — but rather, it’s dedicated to French illustrator, Tomi Ungerer, who is actually most known for his 1950’s and 1960’s American design work in children’s books and political newspapers/magazines like The New York Times and Esquire. But if you’re a movie poster fan, then you definitely have seen his one-hit wonder, Dr. Strangelove (although he also did the one-sheet for Monterey Pop).

Inspired by Saul Steinberg, his style is cut from the same cloth as such political humorists/cartoonists as Jules Feiffer, Maurice Sendak, and William Steig (Shrek), and he has recently come out with a new kids’ book, which you can read about here.


I recently had a delightful day attending the Maira Kalman exhibit at The CJM to launch her new book, Various Illuminations of A Crazy World.

Kalman, whose colorful illustrations have brightened both The New York Times (via her amazing And The Pursuit of Happiness blog) and The New Yorker covers for years, has never done a movie poster before (I don’t think!). However, she has collaborated with Animal House pal, Rick Meyerowitz, on several projects, including the famed Newyorkistan cover below (left), which cleverly spoofed Saul Steinberg’s legendary 1976 “View of the World” (right).

Not that she needs the work — but here’s hoping that Wes Anderson or some quirky indie film snaps her up soon to do their next print campaign!

Flashback: Poster Lawsuit!

Hollywood lawsuits are common…even in the world of movie posters. And famous artists are no exception. Back in 1987, Saul Steinberg sued Columbia Pictures for filching his classic 1976 New Yorker mag cover (“View of the World From 9th Avenue”) to use for their 80’s Robin Williams immigrant comedy, Moscow On The Hudson. And it looks like Steinberg had a pretty good case.