Natural Blondes?

It appears that the new one-sheet for The Exquisite Corpse Project has a poster crush on the recent Hemingway relative pic, Starlet. (IMP)

exquisite_corpse_projectstarlet_dree_hemingway_poster sxsw

The Catcher in the Rye Returns

Anybody who went to English class in the past sixty years or so has probably read J.D. Salinger’s classic coming-of-age novel, The Catcher in the Rye (below, right).

And now there’s a documentary coming out soon about the notoriously reclusive (now deceased) author, which is aptly-titled, Salinger — and I’m liking the paperback cover-inspired poster. (THR)


All That You Wanted To Know About Top Billing…

…but were afraid to ask! Ben Schott of The New York Times breaks it down for you. (NYT)

nyt ben schott billing block

French Elles

Only the French can get away with using different fonts for the same movie…(IMP)


Swan Look…

Roman Coppola has a new film coming out — with a set of unique character posters…(IMP)

Who Let The Dogs Out?

I’m a sucker for dogs — even when they get mixed up with a bunch of Psychopaths. Let’s just hope the Shih Tzu makes it to the final credits. (IMP)

Vintage Reserve Posters

The new wine label-inspired one-sheet for The Master as well as the epic pub crawl-themed World’s End are looking font-tasty! (Imp/DHD)