Gorka Park

The work of Wiktor Gorka (1922-2004), the pride of many Polish movie poster fans, is not to be messed with. Serving up Westerns as well as many other Hollywood and foreign cinema classics, including Moby Dick, The Professionals, and 2001: Space Odyssey, he gave us a picnic for the eyes right between the eyes…

EMoviePoster Trifecta!

There’s an International/non-U.S. poster sale ending today at EMoviePoster.com and I thought I’d showcase some of my favorite, but strange and wonderful artists.

In this corner, the Danish drama king, Stevenov…

Then there’s the Polish purist, Andrzej Krajewski

And last but not least, the French leg-man, Jouineau Bourduge

CNN Hearts Polish Posters

CNN is jumping on the Polish Movie Poster bandwagon!

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgian Movie Posters…

…or French or Czech or Swedish or Polish. That’s right, hurry up and get over to EMoviePoster.com — because they’re having a big auction on a wonderful, colorful assortment of non-U.S. movie posters that ends today at 5pm PST.

Fatal Abstraction

When I first started looking at Polish movie posters, I’ve gotta be honest: they kinda made me sick. I mean, not physically sick. But more that feeling you get when you walk into a freaky video exhibit at a contemporary art museum and immediately want to dash for the nearest exit.

Well, I’ve gotten more comfy in my own skin since then and couldn’t be happier looking at these Polish takes on our 80’s Hollywood classics…

Polish Sausage

Ever since I read The Art of the Modern Movie Poster (Chronicle Books, 2009), I’ve been fascinated with European artists — especially Jerzy Flisak, an amazing Polish artist who died in 2008. Not much is known about his personal life, but his beautifully abstract work is unforgettable. Down below, check out his takes on the following movies: El Dorado, The Great Gatsby, Roman Holiday, Two For The Road, Young Frankenstein, and The Conversation.