Pummeled is the new Pretty?

Brutal movie posters. Literally. (JoBlo)


…or what’s old is bloody again! (IMP)


Rocky Manhattan Hall!

What do Sly Stallone and Woody Allen have in common? Apparently, a lot — if you look at their classic one-sheets from the 70s. (IMP)

rocky_ver1annie hallmanhattanrocky

Brand Neiman.

Leroy Neiman, the popular sports artisté, passed away at the age of 91. Although his streaky, colorful, kinetic paintings were not everyone’s cup of tea, you had to admire the guy’s old-fashioned raconteur style — sporting his signature handlebar moustache — as he sat ringside at every major professional sports event, painting such athletic legends as Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath, and Michael Jordan.

The Rolling Road Show Comes To Town

Starting tonight, The Rolling Road Show by Levi’s and Alamo Drafthouse celebrates the “We Are All Workers” Tour by rolling out a bunch of free movie screenings all over the country featuring such films as Dirty Harry, On The Waterfront, Jackie Brown, Rocky, There Will Be Blood, The Blues Brothers, Convoy/Red Dawn, The Godfather Part 2, and Robocop…So check your local listings!

The movie posters below were all done by sizzling-hot young Brit artist, Olly Moss.

CNN Hearts Polish Posters

CNN is jumping on the Polish Movie Poster bandwagon!