French Movie Poster Artists…

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seven year itch grinsson2lolita french poster roger soubie

Boris Grinsson                                    Roger Soubie

cool hand luke french poster masciitreasure of the sierra madre french poster rene peronmepris-le  french movie poster gilbert allard bardot

Jean Mascii                       Rene Peron                      Gilbert Allard

casablanca french movie poster herve morvanmon oncle3

Hervé Morvan                                                       Pierre Étaix

robert bresson integrale2folon stalkercome dance with me hurel french poster
Raymond Savignac            Jean-Michel Folon           Clement Hurel

notorious french movie poster belinskyblow-up kerfysernoel book1

Constantin Belinsky          Georges Kerfyser              Guy Gérard Nöel

la grande illusion french poster bernard lancythe branded man french poster cerutti

Bernard Lancy                                      Henri Cerutti

Voyageur-sans-Bagages french poster rojacbuster keaton bonneaudfille aux yeux french movie poster raymond gid
Rojac                                                  Jacques Bonneaud       Raymond Gid

WILD BUNCH french movie poster ferraccibarry_lyndon french movie posterbullitt french poster landi

Rene Ferracci                  Jouineau Bourduge           Michel Landi

casablanca french poster affiche pierre pigeotla dolce vita affiche douceur de vivre yves thos

Pierre Pigeot                                         Yves Thos

follow that dream french affiche siry elvis presleyforeign intrigue movie poster l'enigmatique monsieur d bertrandbal du moulin rouge o'kley french poster

Siry                                     Bertrand                          O’Kley

Carrie On…

If you’re excited about the new Carrie reboot hitting theatres in March 2013, then you’re going to have to wait a little longer — as the film’s release has been pushed back to October 18, 2013 — just in time to capitalize on the pre-Halloween crowd. (IMP)

carrie poster 1976carrie french poster 1p jouineau bourdugecarrie movie poster 2013

Jouineau Bourduge

No, this post is not a clever take on Woody Allen’s famous “Juneau, Alaska” quip or even about a fancy bordeaux — rather, it’s the name of a prominent French movie poster artist who signed his work with the nom de plume, Jouineau Bourduge.

And like the film/art gallery mentioned a few months ago, Jouineau Bourduge, along with René Ferraci, were two French designers who led the charge in the late 1960s and 1970s when movie studios made the transition from illustration to photography for the majority of artwork on their marketing materials. Plus, JB’s in MoMA, so he must be good!

EMoviePoster Trifecta!

There’s an International/non-U.S. poster sale ending today at and I thought I’d showcase some of my favorite, but strange and wonderful artists.

In this corner, the Danish drama king, Stevenov…

Then there’s the Polish purist, Andrzej Krajewski

And last but not least, the French leg-man, Jouineau Bourduge

Risky Businesses

Speaking of Jouineau Bourduge, aside from doing many other 60’s, 70’s and 80’s classics, he is also credited with the French version of Risky Business (far right), as seen below in this poster comparison.

But I’m a little confused: is that supposed to be sexy or just misogynistic since the car is driving over the women (and not vice versa like in the USA and Italian one-sheets)?