Simmons Does Sports Convention

If you grew up in the 1960s, 70s, or 80s and know the difference between a PSA 8 and a PSA 9, then you’re ready to tackle Bill Simmons’ laugh-out-loud funny take on his latest trip to The National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago (which looks like a first cousin to just about any movie memorabilia convention).

Along with espousing his theory of The Collector’s Beard — a bad habit that is defined as a father buying vintage stuff for his kid, but really it’s just stuff that he secretly wants (that the kid won’t give a rat’s ass about) — as well as his wife’s reactions to some of his more useless purchases, it’s a must-read for anyone possessing the collecting gene. (via ESPN Grantland)

Here’s an ESPN video clip from the 2010 show.

Sundance Kids

The Sundance Film Festival has had its share of winners and losers over the years…(Although any movie that gets made is a victory in my book!)

Which ones do you remember?