Natural Blondes?

It appears that the new one-sheet for The Exquisite Corpse Project has a poster crush on the recent Hemingway relative pic, Starlet. (IMP)

exquisite_corpse_projectstarlet_dree_hemingway_poster sxsw

Best Movie Posters of 2012?

The idea of a blog about vintage movie posters is a bit nostalgic, so I thought we’d look back all the way to last year to see the best movie posters of 2012, courtesy of IMPAwards — which has a whole slew of Top 10 Lists — including my personal favorite collection from Slant Magazine.

paperboymoonrise_kingdomstarlet_dree_hemingway_poster sxswthe master movie poster one sheet

A Starlet Is Born

Move over Papa Ernie, there’s a new Hemingway hitting the silver screen — Dree Hemingway, the daughter of Mariel Hemingway, who will be making her big starring debut in Starlet at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, March 9-17 — and the one-sheet bears a striking resemblance to her mother’s star turn in Star 80 as well as her late Aunt Margaux’s flick, Lipstick. (THR)