Best Movie Posters of 2012?

The idea of a blog about vintage movie posters is a bit nostalgic, so I thought we’d look back all the way to last year to see the best movie posters of 2012, courtesy of IMPAwards — which has a whole slew of Top 10 Lists — including my personal favorite collection from Slant Magazine.

paperboymoonrise_kingdomstarlet_dree_hemingway_poster sxswthe master movie poster one sheet

Vintage Reserve Posters

The new wine label-inspired one-sheet for The Master as well as the epic pub crawl-themed World’s End are looking font-tasty! (Imp/DHD)


Will there be blood or frogs raining down from the sky — or perhaps male prosthetics involved? Lord only knows, but you can bet that Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of such contemporary classics as There Will Be Blood, Magnolia, and Boogie Nights, will be up to something original with his latest film, The Master.