Today’s Movie Poster Artists…

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empire strikes back poster alamo drafthouse mondo olly mossmondo alamo drafthouse avengers black widow olly moss poster

Olly Moss                                      Olly Moss Black Widow

savages chris wareuncle-boonmee-chris-ware-poster

Chris Ware                                    Chris Ware 2

ghost world postermelvin goes to dinner2

Dan Clowes                                 Adrian Tomine

giant rolling roadshow 2011 poster jason munnfunny games poster

Jason Munn                                   Akiko Stehrenberger    1494-warriors_09

Tyler Stout

013011TimDoyleApocalypseNowMoviePostereasy rider poster castro david o'daniel

Tim Doyle                                  David O’Daniel

Mondo + Movie Posters = $$$$

Movie poster trends come and go, but there is no doubt that the hottest new kid on the block is Mondo, the mates behind the Alamo Drafthouse, who have rejuvenated the morbid market with their revamped one-sheets designs for The Rolling Roadshow Tour from such graphic design prodigys as Olly Moss and Jason Munn.

So if you want to learn more about this newfangled limited-edition movie poster empire, check out Ben Marks’s interview with Mondo creative director, Justin Ishmael, on Collectors Weekly.

Etsy Meets Alamo Drafthouse?

Last week when I put up the Meansheets Poster Shop on Etsy, I discovered a cool UK graphic designer named Claudia Varosio who does some fantastic reimagined movie posters á la Tyler Stout and Olly Moss.

And most are only $19, which makes them a steal compared to the rising prices at the Alamo Drafthouse!

The Bassmaster (1920-1996)

On Tyler Stout’s website, I came across a clip of a documentary with design legend, Saul Bass. The man’s name and work are so iconic, it was interesting to see what the real person had to say.

Stout It Out

Like Peter Strausfeld, a young American artist/designer of our time named Tyler Stout has been touted by SlashFilm for his limited edition posters for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, TX.

This is an interesting trend in our bland, everything-looks-the-same, poster-by-committee cineplex world we live in now. What if every movie theatre had their very own poster designer?