Faces in the Crowd…

Sometimes movie poster collecting is a spectator sport…(MoviePosterDB)

Masked Mos

Okay, Halloween’s Thanksgiving’s over — so how ’bout we take off that mask? And btw, how come this trendy 1970’s look went out of style for bank robbers and thugs? Judging from these foglis, Italian artist MOS, aka Mario De Berardinis, did his darnedest for posterity! (EMP)

A New (Red) Dawn…

Hollywood remakes another 80s classic. The Outsiders? No. Footloose? Been there, done that. Karate Kid? That’s so two years ago.

Make it a code red, baby! They should’ve kept John Alvin’s one-sheet design from the original. (IMP)

Kitchen Sink Action!

Isn’t it romantic dangerous? Thrills, spills, snipers, and a gasmask. And make sure the girl is packing, too!

Skylights Out!

Looks like the James Bond producers are seeing the daylight at the end of the tunnel for the new Skyfall one-sheet…(IMP)

AFM’s Best and Worst Posters

The 2012 American Film Market is back with its annual list of the best and worst b-movie posters seeking distribution…

Who Let The Dogs Out?

I’m a sucker for dogs — even when they get mixed up with a bunch of Psychopaths. Let’s just hope the Shih Tzu makes it to the final credits. (IMP)

Bad Ass Posters.

Nothing says Bad Ass like a man carrying a baseball bat — or a big hunk of wood…