Stuck In A Rudd

From Judd Apatow comes another Paul Rudd production, This Is Forty…(IMP)

Tall Tales

Gambit’s Gamble…

The new Coen Bros remake of Gambit makes a bold Bond move by going old school with their latest one-sheet…(IMP)

Good Natured

Is Patton Oswalt going Up the Creek (poster art by Dan Gouzee) or on a Cannonball Run (Drew Struzan)? Whatever the case, I’m liking this 1970’s throwback one-sheet for his new comedy, Nature Calls

For A Good Time, Call…Bette Midler?

Ari Graynor and Lauren Anne Miller, stars of For A Good Time, Call…, are saying that their new female buddy sex phone comedy was inspired by those 80s tandems of Bette Midler and Shelley Long, etc. (IMP)

Juicy Fruit?

Looks like The Oranges is getting unzipped…(IMP)

Face Time = Funny.

Nothing says comedy like two white guys getting in each other’s faces…(listal)

The Moonrise King

The new Wes Anderson comes out in selected theatres on Friday — and whether you love or hate his brand of esoteric films — you cannot deny the auteur’s unique sense of style and attention to detail that permeates every frame of his work.