Is Luv-ing These New Posters Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right…

Movie Poster Rematch!

In case you missed these 2011 films the first time around in the theatres, The Ides of March and Warrior are now out for round two on Netflix.

On The Road…Again?

I love Jack Kerouac –– but surely the studio can come up with something more original than this one-sheet for such an American literary classic as On The Road, right? (ImpAwards)

Presidents’ Day Poster Bash!

Today in the USA is Presidents Day (aka first President George Washington’s birthday), a federal holiday for Americans to celebrate their Presidential history, as well as a much-welcomed Monday off for some offices and their worker bees…(ImpAwards)

Here’s a few new takes on ol’ Honest Abe Lincoln…

And if you’re feeling nostalgic about the Bush years, look back at this set of clever character posters

Sparks of Love!

Okay, sorry to get all mushy on you, but one man heartbreaker, Nicholas Sparks, has written the book The Notebook on the romance genre in the last decade or so with his tender-hearted tales…so much so that pretty much every romantic drama now looks like a Nicholas Sparks novel.

For instance, this weekend’s The Vow? Looks like a Sparks, sounds like a Sparks, but not actually a Sparks.

Can you tell which movie posters below are based on Nicholas Sparks novels and which are merely just trying to give off sparks? (ImpAwards)

Friends With Movie Posters…

A Trip To Bounty-ful

This weekend’s new release, One For The Money, is yet another cinematic take on the Bounty Hunter — prominently featuring that ol’ movie poster prop favorite, handcuffs.

But let’s not confuse it with those other classic fightin’ bountys!

Words Cannot Express…

Bradley Cooper gets a font-filled close-up in The Words! (ImpAwards)

Howard the Duct Tape?

This new 60’s-style Marky Mark movie poster’s so tactile you can almost feel the pain! (ImpAwards)