UK British Movie Poster Artists…

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star_wars_ver4the man who fell to earth

Tom Chantrell                                    Vic Fair

mean streets strausfeld

Peter Strausfeld


Eric Pulford & Renato Fratini

Arnaldo Putzu

honkytonk man48Hrs_onesheet_UK-1

Tom Beauvais                                              Brian Bysouth

On The Road…Again?

I love Jack Kerouac –– but surely the studio can come up with something more original than this one-sheet for such an American literary classic as On The Road, right? (ImpAwards)

Fair Play

Once again, thanks to Sim Branaghan’s excellent book, British Film Posters, I discovered the life and work of Vic Fair, a rockin’ Englishman who did his part to push the boundaries of the “quad”-rophenia (for all you Who fans out there)!

Vic Gets Ripped?

Recognize the similarities between the much-lauded 1989 Oscar winner, Driving Miss Daisy, and Vic Fair’s poster for the 1973 British melodrama, The Hireling? Hmmm.