Two Woman’s Heads Are Better Than One

Django Double Feature!

Before Quentin Tarantino’s Django is Unchained across cineplexes on Christmas Day, there will be a limited release of Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 original film, Django, on 12/21 to give audiences some backstory of the spaghetti western. (Deadline Hollywood)

django_unchaineddjango italian movie poster2

Piovano Paradiso!

Mario Piovano, one of the more unsung stylists of Italian movie poster design, has come up with some real beauties for his work done under the Paradiso Studio label. (Posterit)

Martinati Straight Up!

Heritage Auctions is putting on another one of their Movie Poster Signature Auctions Nov. 29-30 in Dallas, Texas this week — and I’m pretty high on their lots from Italian master, Luigi Martinati (of the infamous BCM Studio – aka Ballester Capitani Martinati) — who created all the elegant manifestos below.

Masked Mos

Okay, Halloween’s Thanksgiving’s over — so how ’bout we take off that mask? And btw, how come this trendy 1970’s look went out of style for bank robbers and thugs? Judging from these foglis, Italian artist MOS, aka Mario De Berardinis, did his darnedest for posterity! (EMP)

Kitchen Sink Action!

Isn’t it romantic dangerous? Thrills, spills, snipers, and a gasmask. And make sure the girl is packing, too!

I’m O’Kley, You’re O’Kley…

His name sounds Irish, but the poster artist known as O’Kley has had his work translated in French, Spanish, and Italian productions — so I guess that makes this romantic illustrator very well-travelled. Now bring on the dancing girls! (Intemporel)

Here’s to You, Putzu

Sim Branaghan of British Film Posters has written up a respectful tribute to the late great poster artist, Arnaldo Putzu (1927-2012). (APF)

Last Girls of Summer!

Tomorrow is officially the last day of summer — so enjoy the sunshine while it lasts (if it hasn’t disappeared wherever you’re at already)! (Intemporel)