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star_wars_ver4the man who fell to earth

Tom Chantrell                                    Vic Fair

mean streets strausfeld

Peter Strausfeld


Eric Pulford & Renato Fratini

Arnaldo Putzu

honkytonk man48Hrs_onesheet_UK-1

Tom Beauvais                                              Brian Bysouth

Here’s to You, Putzu

Sim Branaghan of British Film Posters has written up a respectful tribute to the late great poster artist, Arnaldo Putzu (1927-2012). (APF)

Fair Play

Once again, thanks to Sim Branaghan’s excellent book, British Film Posters, I discovered the life and work of Vic Fair, a rockin’ Englishman who did his part to push the boundaries of the “quad”-rophenia (for all you Who fans out there)!

The British Godfather

Eric Pulford was perhaps the most important figure in British movie poster history, conceiving thousands of designs in his storied fifty-year career. After buying a controlling interest in Downtons Advertising, he turned it into the chief film agency in England and employed numerous talented photographers and illustrators — most notably, “The Italian Connection” of Renato Fratini (From Russia With Love) and Arnaldo Putzu — to execute its brilliant print campaigns.

Mr. Pulford died in 2005 at the age of 89.