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star_wars_ver4the man who fell to earth

Tom Chantrell                                    Vic Fair

mean streets strausfeld

Peter Strausfeld


Eric Pulford & Renato Fratini

Arnaldo Putzu

honkytonk man48Hrs_onesheet_UK-1

Tom Beauvais                                              Brian Bysouth

Here’s to You, Putzu

Sim Branaghan of British Film Posters has written up a respectful tribute to the late great poster artist, Arnaldo Putzu (1927-2012). (APF)

The Michael Caine Mutiny!

So how’s your Michael Caine impersonation? Here’s Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s funny takes of the famous actor from their new road movie, The Trip! (Btw, the classic UK quad poster below of Get Carter was done by UK/Italian design great, Arnaldo Putzu.)

Crown of Lichtenstein?

Do you think Harry Crown (99 and 44/100% Dead) and Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) are somehow cinematically related? Doubtful probably, but the unmistakable Roy Lichtenstein-esque pop art touch is clearly seen in both the vintage Get Carter and Happy Tears movie posters below, the latter of which was directed by Lichtenstein’s son, Mitchell Lichtenstein

What A Putzu!

Arnaldo Putzu, the brilliant, though unfortunately named Italian illustrator, stormed British shores in the late 1960’s and lit up England’s theatre lobbies and magazine covers for years to come with his dazzling, colorful, handcrafted posters. And rumor has it that he’s still alive and well and painting in Rome!