Killing Them Stylishly…

If you haven’t heard, aside from being the biggest movie star on Earth, Brad Pitt also builds houses and designs furniture…Can movie poster design be too far behind? (NYT, IMP)

Skylights Out!

Looks like the James Bond producers are seeing the daylight at the end of the tunnel for the new Skyfall one-sheet…(IMP)

Land of Lincoln

In honor of Election Day, I thought it appropriate to celebrate one of our most respected leaders, President Abraham Lincoln — who seems to be trending again with the recent Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the upcoming Spielberg epic, Lincoln.

And in case you missed it, Louis CK also did a funny spoof of him on SNL this weekend — which you can check out HERE.

I’m So Miserables…

The new Les Miserables meets the old Les Miserables (by Herve Morvan, bottom right)…

Movie Posters by Metallica

Enter Sandman could easily be the title of a 1940’s horror film — so Metallica fans will be thrilled to see lead guitarist Kirk Hammett’s rockin’ collection of pricey horror movie memorabilia in his new book, Too Much Horror Business…(MOPO)

Happy Haunted Halloween!

Whether you’re spending this Halloween out haunting or staying in to nest, have a howlin’ good time!


The Wall Street Journal writes that the same photograph of The San Remo, an apartment building overlooking New York City’s Central Park, was featured on three different book covers.

Wonder if there’s a movie poster equivalent?

The Return of Halloween

I know it’s still a week early for the hallowed holiday…

But Erik Piepenburg goes Behind the Poster (NYT) to interview Austin Hinderliter for his fresh, spooky new take of the Halloween one-sheet to celebrate the classic horror film’s HD re-release…

Fake or Fallon?

Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehler recently discussed their past movies together via one-sheet spoofs.