Faces in the Crowd…

Sometimes movie poster collecting is a spectator sport…(MoviePosterDB)

A New (Red) Dawn…

Hollywood remakes another 80s classic. The Outsiders? No. Footloose? Been there, done that. Karate Kid? That’s so two years ago.

Make it a code red, baby! They should’ve kept John Alvin’s one-sheet design from the original. (IMP)

Skylights Out!

Looks like the James Bond producers are seeing the daylight at the end of the tunnel for the new Skyfall one-sheet…(IMP)

Monster Things?

Who says B-movie horror pics like Swamp Thing don’t inspire a legion of clones?


The Wall Street Journal writes that the same photograph of The San Remo, an apartment building overlooking New York City’s Central Park, was featured on three different book covers.

Wonder if there’s a movie poster equivalent?

Skull’s Out

New skull vs. Old skull…(IMP)